Gear Up for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season Preparedness for South Texas

Essential Preparedness Tips for South Texas HVAC Contractors and Homeowners

Introduction: As hurricane season approaches in South Texas, it's crucial for both HVAC contractors and homeowners to prepare adequately. Being proactive can significantly mitigate the risks associated with severe weather conditions. At Johnstone Supply, South Texas, we're committed to providing our contractors with the resources they need to ensure both their safety and that of their customers. Here are vital preparedness tips to help you navigate the upcoming hurricane season effectively.

For HVAC Contractors:

1. Inventory Management:

  • Stock up on essential HVAC parts and supplies before the hurricane season peaks. Items like capacitors, compressors, and thermostats can become scarce as demand increases.
  • Ensure you have portable generators and other necessary equipment ready for emergency service calls.

2. Emergency Response Plan:

  • Develop a clear emergency response plan that includes contact information, resource lists, and a rapid response team.
  • Communicate this plan to your team and customers well in advance to ensure everyone knows what to do when a storm hits.

3. Customer Education:

  • Educate your customers on the importance of HVAC system maintenance before the hurricane season.
  • Offer to perform pre-season check-ups to ensure systems are in optimal working condition, which can help prevent major damages during storms.

4. Protect Your Business:

  • Secure your physical business locations with storm shutters and ensure all important documents are backed up digitally in a secure cloud storage.
  • Consider business interruption insurance to cover potential losses during the hurricane season.

For Homeowners:

1. HVAC System Check-up:

  • Schedule a professional inspection of your HVAC system to ensure it's ready for the increased demands of hurricane season.
  • Clear any debris from around outdoor units and ensure the system is properly secured to withstand high winds.

2. Surge Protection:

  • Install surge protectors to safeguard your HVAC system from sudden power surges during storms, which can cause significant damage.

3. Elevate Equipment:

  • If possible, elevate outdoor HVAC units to avoid water damage from floods, a common issue during hurricanes.

4. Emergency Cooling and Heating Options:

  • Consider investing in portable air conditioners or heaters in case the main system fails during a storm. Ensure you have adequate fuel for any non-electric heaters.


Preparing for hurricane season is a shared responsibility between HVAC contractors and homeowners. By taking proactive steps now, you can ensure that you are well-prepared to handle whatever the season brings. At Johnstone Supply, South Texas, we are here to support you with supplies, advice, and emergency services. Remember, the best defense against a hurricane is a good offense.

Call to Action: Contact Johnstone Supply, South Texas today to stock up on essential supplies or schedule your HVAC system's pre-season check-up. Let's prepare together to ensure safety and comfort throughout the hurricane season.